Blender: Open Source Programs

The changing circumstances of the past year led me to make some changes to my own skill set. I had never done anything in terms of using my creative energy to produce videos. I had relied on others to do so for Globe Educational Services with varying degrees of success. When I see students working so hard on music, I wonder what I can do in terms of adding some new ways of helping students with their creativity becoming part of the larger canvas of society. I decided to learn how to use Blender, which is an open source program used for animation and video editing, in response to the needs of students. Moving forward, I will be featuring student performances on this website with videos produced by Globe Educational Services. It does not seem likely that there will be any in-person performances this year so having students be able to work toward recording and having a video for their ongoing efforts might be a distant second but for now it will suffice.

Blender has made making music more fun for students.