Nima Abbasi performs “Klangbild 24” by Carlo Domeniconi

At times, people who are studying music seem to judge themselves on the complexity of the music being learned. As music listeners, we, more often than not, could not care less about the complexity of a piece of music. Nima Abbasi’s performance of Carlo Domeniconi’s “Klangbild 24” reminds me of the importance of enjoying the moment when somebody is performing. I trust that you will enjoy his interpretation of what to me is a piece of music that has timeless beauty. It is “one-take Domeniconi”, which is not “a thing” yet but still possibly could be! I look forward to making more videos for his “one-take” interpretations recorded during these pandemic times.

Once a train leaves a station, it moves along at its own pace. I have found classical guitarists of all ages make significant progress once they “leave the station” and move in a direction that helps them help themselves. I hope that makes some sense of the train in the video.