Nima Abbasi performs “Klangbild 24” by Carlo Domeniconi

At times, people who are studying music seem to judge themselves on the complexity of the music being learned. As music listeners, we, more often than not, could not care less about the complexity of a piece of music. Nima Abbasi’s performance of Carlo Domeniconi’s “Klangbild 24” reminds me of the importance of enjoying the moment when somebody is performing. I trust that you will enjoy his interpretation of what to me is a piece of music that has timeless beauty. It is “one-take Domeniconi”, which is not “a thing” yet but still possibly could be! I look forward to making more videos for his “one-take” interpretations recorded during these pandemic times.

Once a train leaves a station, it moves along at its own pace. I have found classical guitarists of all ages make significant progress once they “leave the station” and move in a direction that helps them help themselves. I hope that makes some sense of the train in the video.

When To Start Learning A Musical Instrument?

As in language acquisition, there are many commonly held beliefs about when it is best to start to learn a musical instrument. Examine your own beliefs and see whether they are your own or “folk wisdom” passed along from other people that has stayed in your memory. I can still hear the voice of a music teacher from long ago lamenting that I had not started on my instrument much earlier in life. I started to learn a musical instrument when I was seven years old.

I suppose that had I not witnessed the joy of so many adults learning a musical instrument I could have come to that same conclusion that music teacher from long ago did that there is an optimal age to begin learning a musical instrument. There might be such an age for X or Y individual, were it possible to make copies of people and find out which age and situation promoted the greatest amount of learning. However, it is much more amazing to forsake cloning and simply witness the cognitive capabilities of adult learners who decide to study a musical instrument. Also, the motivation that teenagers bring to music education is most instructive. Skateboarding and music or volleyball and music or hockey and music instead of it being demanded of teenagers to choose between interests as though they are always competing. I was told to choose between such interests as a teenager. I never chose. I did as much as I could. Did it alienate coaches? Yes, it did, and I am pleased that my parents supported those decisions of mine.

There are so many activities to pursue, but I trust that if you have read this far you might still be interested in music. If age is used as a reason not to pursue music, I hope that you reconsider that reasoning. Much in life can be lost through aging, but music stays with us for a long time. There is so much fun to be had playing music. Perhaps guitar is not your instrument. That’s great. Find another one and have at it! If I know anybody who can help, I will certainly do my utmost to help you find somebody to teach you music.